My Best Friend-My Idol

My Best Friend-My Idol

After writing my first two blogs, I realized I picked two famous people. When I’m asked, “who’s your role model?” I quickly think of a famous person. Everyone including myself automatically thinks of public figures. When I sat down to write this piece on someone who I admire, I decided to choose someone who I personally know and who is dear to me. This person is my friend and who has impressed me from the first time I met him. His name is Aaron Schwartz. Aaron Schwartz was initially born in South Korea. He was then adopted by a Jewish Family who lives in Berwyn, PA. Aaron currently lives in Berwyn, PA with his parents and sister. From a very young age, soccer grew on Aaron and became his sport. Soccer evolved to be his life and passion. At the age of five, Aaron played on his first soccer team. He played for a team called Teysa from the age of five to eight years old. He then switched to FC Europa. Aaron continued his soccer career at FC Europa up until the age of thirteen. During the latter years, the Philadelphia Union observed and selected Aaron to be in their youth development system called Union Juniors. Bigger doors eventually opened up for Aaron, but hold on the story doesn’t end here…


Aaron Schwartz was then selected to be a part of the first soccer academic college preparatory school called YSC Academy. YSC is the Philadelphia Union High School in Wayne, PA. YSC Academy is a private academic school combined with world-class soccer training led by Union Academy staff. A big reason why Aaron attended YSC Academy was because the Philadelphia Union Academy coaches lead him to believe he was going to be selected for the Union U-14 team. Then politics came into play. The decision makers went a different route, someone other than Aaron. Aaron was not selected to play for the Union Academy. He was arguably the best goalkeeper for his age but he wasn’t chosen to be part of the Union Team. Aaron was really disappointed when he found out he didn’t make the team. When Aaron and others were given the news about to making the Union Academy, Aaron reacted differently than the others.  Some players cried and acted like it was the end of the world but Aaron took it as I’m going to prove them wrong. Aaron decided he was going to show them that this decision was not going to stop him reach his goals. Playing or not playing for the Union was not going to define him as a soccer player.  Their decision could not take away all of his hard work, discipline, and skills.  Aaron was not going to allow their decision to end his soccer career. For these reasons, this is why I look up to Aaron so much. Aaron is an extremely determined kid. Aaron never gives up when an unexpected turn in this crazy soccer world gets presented to him. When he’s presented a  setback, he continues to stand tall and keeps his focus towards his goals. That’s something I admire and love about Aaron.  After Aaron didn’t make the Union Academy he knew he had to switch teams to find a better fit for himself. Aaron then made an intelligent decision to move to Continental Academy, who is rivals with the Philadelphia Union Academy.


Even though Aaron felt Continental was a good choice for him, it didn’t start out so easy with this Academy team. Aaron was the better goalkeeper for the team but he was new to the team. The goalkeeper who started ahead of him was a player who was with the coaches for a long time so the coaches favored this goalkeeper over Aaron. The coach had a lot of favorites on the team and the goalkeeper who started over Aaron was one of them. This did not stop nor slow down Aaron.  Aaron held his head high and never gave up.  He decided to work harder than anyone else on the team even the field players. An example that shows how hard Aaron worked was his physical makeup. He was extremely fit and especially for a goalkeeper. Aaron was always top three when we did fitness assessments. He always made sure he finished before the other goalkeeper but even in front of most field players. This is another reason why I look up to Aaron so much. He endured many setbacks but never gave up and the only worker harder to prove to coaches his skills were great and he would earn his keep as a starter goalkeeper. Later on, in the season, the coaches realized Aaron was much better skilled and hard working goalkeeper than the other player. Aaron’s coaches finally gave him his chance to be a starter. Aaron took opportunities that were given to him and made the best out of them. He had a terrific season and committed to Dartmouth College. His determination and work ethics on and off the pitch paid off. Aaron has nothing but a bright and prosperous future ahead.

I would like to take this time to thank YSC Academy for providing me with the opportunity meeting Aaron Schwartz my best friend my idol. Meeting Aaron in 2013 has changed my life. Aaron is a genuine person who is kind, passionate, and determined. Through his experiences, I have learned that life sometimes doesn’t go exactly the way you have planned or deserved. Through perseverance, commitment, and discipline you can reach your goals. No one, No coach, can take what’s in your heart, your skills, and your passion away from you. Aaron Schwartz is one great kid who is going to go so far in life. He is a determined young man who is extremely intelligent. I could be saying all of this because he is my best friend but I truly mean it!



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